Making  ABTs


What is an ABT? ABTs or Atomic Buffalo Turds or simply stuffed smoked jalapeño peppers. Might not sound overly exciting but man re they good!


There are many ways to make them but this is the way I like them best. It as with all things in the kitchen are limited only by your imagination!


First select fresh looking shiny unwrinkled Jalapeños. I always select least a dozen of the best looking Jalapeños I can find. Wash them thoroughly  and pat dry with paper towels.


Next cut the tops off and either slice them in half length wise or core the seeds and white membrane as much as possible. The seeds and the white membrane are where the heat is and they are hotter cooked than raw so you be the judge! If you can handle them with the membrane go for it!


Description: Fresh     Description: Cut


Most people I know like to keep them whole and just use an apple corer to clean out the seeds and membrane. I personally like to slice them down the middle – again this is entirely up to you.


Next prepare you stuffing. You can use almost anything Some people will use pineapple and cream cheese, sometimes I’ll use chopped mushrooms, smoked chopped Jimmy Dean Sausage (known as a fatty in smoking circles), corn bread and cream cheese. Whatever you like! For this example I will to use a Fatty and cream cheese.


Set the cream cheese on the counter for at least an hour so it is soft and easy to mix. Then Finely chop the sausage and mix until well blended.










Next fill the empty Jalapeños with the  mixture using a butter knife, spoon or pastry bag (whatever works for you) and smooth it off so it looks pretty.


Description: Stuufed   Description: WHoleStuufed


Then add bacon. Here again it’s up to you – I cut bacon strips in half and lay them on top of the Jalapeños like an open faced sandwich,  where others completely wrap the pepper in bacon as you can see below.


Description: DoneRaw   Description: Wholewrap


Now all that’s left is to smoke them! They are very forgiving so if your smoking a butt that’s going to be smoked low and slow or a chicken that’s high and fast throw them in. There done when the bacon is to your liking!


Description: DoneSliced   Description: DoneWhole





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