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Cheese Families

Different categories  of cheeses, distinguishing characteristics,   PH levels, cultures and more.



Very Basic Cheeses

No Starters Required


Lemon Cheese                           Vinegar Cheese

Queso Blanco                             Juban Spreadable Cheese



Mesophilic Cheeses


Mesophilic Starter Culture

Home made from Cultured Buttermilk


Simple Soft Cheeses


Junket Quick and Dirty Mozzarella and Ricotta                       

(Same as the ‘How Do I make Cheese’ page)


The Best Mozzarella and Provolone cheese


Cottage Cheese Recipe


Cream Cheese                                    Easy Cream Cheese


Neufchatel Cheese                            Sour Cream


Edam Cheese                                              Feta Cheese Recipe


Queso Fresco Recipe                           American Cheese


Basic Hard Cheeses


Basic Hard Cheese                                       Cheddar Cheese Recipe


Stirred Curd Cheddar Cheese



Thermophilic Cheeses


Thermophilic Starter Culture

Home made from plain Yogurt


Soft Cheeses


Thermophilic Feta Cheese


Hard Cheeses


Parmesan Cheese Recipe                            Romano Cheese Recipe


Stirred Curd Cheddar Cheese



Lactic Starter Cheeses


Bel Paese Cheese                 Tillamook White Cheddar Cheese




Cheese Making Equipment and Presses


Cheese Making Ingredients

A list of cheese making ingredients


Cheese Making Equipment

An article on cheese making equipment, tools, additives and  culture


Making a Water Glass Cheese Press

Will work for one pound batches of soft cheese


Making a Home Made Cheese Press

A simple instruction sheet for making a press for cheeses  - A must for hard cheeses!

A super simple quick and dirty cheese press


Junket Rennet tablets and Equivalents

How to use Junket Rennet Tablets in a recipe that doesn’t specify Junket Rennet


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