Simple Cheese Vat


Iíve been making cheese for years in a pot or two pots used like a double boiler. It was very difficult for me as I am short and carrying the pot to the sink to drain the whey was a real PITA! While searching the internet one night I came across an idea for a cheese vat that looked like it would be the perfect solution Ė here it is:


MJ-CurdsCut.jpg†††† DrainWhey.jpg


This is an electric Chaffing dish warmer with a 6 inch deep chaffing dish. It will hold about 4.5 gallons of milk and hold the temperature perfectly. To drain the whey I use a food grade hose I stole from my beer brewing gear. I just refill the milk bottles with the removed whey and itís ready to go. No lifting, no straining and the stove is open for other uses.


The chaffing dish warmer was purchased here:


Along with the chaffing dish and cover. If you decide to make more than one batch of cheese at a time you could even buy dual pans and make two 2 gallon batches of cheese if you want. AND when not making cheese itís great for keeping dinner warm.


To speed up the heating process I fill the chaffing dish warmer with hot water and use the electric controller to keep it up to temperature. No more waiting forever for the milk to come up to temperature.


Want to cool the milk quickly? Drain the water from the chaffing dish warmer and add ice cold water.


I have never found cheddaring an easy task in a pot but the rectangular shape of the chaffing dish makes cheddaring a breeze! I highly recommend this setup for all would be cheese makers!





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