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How am I going to show you to smoke food and make  great BBQ?

I’ve assembled everything you need to know in a series of eBooks.

Just download the eBooks, read them and try it for yourself.


 Free eBooks to download:

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The Basic Smoking Book

45 pages of information about Smoking Food for Newbies


Time-Temperature Chart

Need to know what temperature and how long it takes to smoke something? Here’s it is!


Cold Smoking in the Summertime with a Propane Smoker

How to setup your propane smoker for a long cold smoke


 Book of Brining

34 pages of information about Brining Meats


 Book of Marinades

13 pages of Marinades recipes


BBQ Sauce Book

19 pages  of and recipes for making your own BBQ Sauces


Smoking Wood Flavor Chart

3 pages of information about Woods and their flavors used in Smoking


 Deejay’s  Book Of Condiments

You've just made a great Q do you really want to use a commercial condiment to top it off?

24 pages of recipes on making your own Mustard, Pickles, Mayonnaise, Relishes, And Pickled Eggs


Deejay’s Book of Jerky Recipes

15 pages of Jerky recipes for meat strips and ground meat Jerky


Deejay’s New York Deli Style Pastrami

Best Pastrami anywhere short of New Your City!


Deejays Smoke Log

Excel spreadsheet to track your smoking experiences, Dates, Times, Meat, weight, recipes, comments, pictures, etc.



Deejay’s 3 x 5 Recipe Cards


Smoking Briskets

How to smoke your first Brisket step by step


Deejay’s Smoked Lox

Very easy brine and cold smoke recipe for perfect lox for your bagels


Smoking Ribs

Step by step using the 3-2-1 method


Smoking Pork Shoulders

Roast pork or Pulled Pork Step by Step


Smoking Meatloaf

Step  by step instruction for making and smoking meatloaf


Smoking Pork Belly Bacon

Step  by step instruction for making and smoking your own Bacon



Smoking Buckboard Bacon

Step  by step instruction for making and smoking your own Bacon


Smoking Country Hams

Step  by step instruction for making and smoking your own Bacon



Smoked Banana Sundae with Chopped Pistachios and Raspberry Sauce

When Smoked meat is not enough ... there’s Ice Cream!



Hot and Spicy Crisp-X Mix (Like Chex Mix)

A Hot Spicy Yummy Snack Mix that you control the flavors of!



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