Deejays Family


Here are my boys all grown up

Robby, Michael, Allen & Eddie (my son)

That’s me in middle



Doing Tequila Shots with the kids

Erin   &  John (my nephew and his wife),     Robby(like a 2nd son),  and  Eddie  


Jessie  and  Deejay



Luisa & Robby

( he must have learned something he married a nice little Italian girl ! )





My niece Annie



Danny and Maraby

(My Nephew & Great Niece)


My Sister Lou Ann




(Jessie’s Mom)


My Aunt Theresa and Uncle Bill

Celebrating their 50th Anniversary



Bill & Kelly

(Bill & Cousin Kelly)



Billy & Erva

(Cousin & Ohana)





The Girls

Dinnie (Hodini) and Smokie



( he just appeared on our doorstep in December

and asked to come in . He’s been with us ever since! )




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