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Making Sausage           

About Sausage – to cure or not to cure?

Measurements and Equivalents  

Curing and Fermenting Agents   


Tables and Charts

Sausage Tubes and Casing Sizes

Sausage Grinder Plates Sizes and Uses

Chart of Curing & Fermenting

Starter Cultures

Description: image009.gifSausage Ingredient Substitution Chart

Sausage Ingredient Charts - Binders, Flavor Enhancers, Starter Cultures and Cures Use In Sausage Making

Herb and Spice Weights and Measures – US and Metric equivalents



Sicilian-Style Sausage

Deejay’s Pepperoni

Sheboygan Style Bratwurst

Deejay’s Capricolla Ham

Deejay’s Fresh Hot Italian Sausage


Lunchmeat – yes lunchmeat really is a sausage!

Deejay’s Deli Style Smoked Turkey

Deejay’s Capricolla Ham  

Deejay’s Pickle, Pimento, Olive and Cheese Loaf

Deejay’s Liverwurst  


Fermented Lunchmeats – recipes

Deejay's Fermented Tuscan Salami

Deejay's Fermented Hard Salami

Deejay’s Fermented Pepperoni




Deejay's Sausage eBook - 172 Different Recipes on 3x5 recipe cards!



Sausage Downloads page in PDF format



Sausage Links



Ask The Meatman                                        

Allied Kenco  

Butcher & Packer –Great supplier only one for Fermenting supplies!                

Con Yeager    - High temp cheeses and lots of great Spices!                           

Curley's Sausage Kitchen – mixes and other supplies

Eldons Jerky and  Sausage  Supply     

Frisco Spice   

The Ingredient Store – some hard to get stuff but very slow to ship!

Leeners You Can Make Kit  

Mid-Western Research

One Stop Jerky Shop

The Sausage Maker


Sausage Source – My personal favorite for almost everything sausage!

Zach's Spice





Sausage Making Sites

3 Men With Nothing Better To Do

All About Sausage

Harvey's Sausage Faktory

Jack Schmidling's Sausage Site

Pac-Bell - Len Poli

Northwest Smoking

Sausage Mania

Wedliny Domowe



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