Simple Cheese Press


This press is a simple as it gets!


List of parts

2 pieces of wood plywood or hard wood 2 inches x 6 inches  x 12 inches


2 nylon heavy cutting boards

4 -1 inch wood dowels about 24 inches long

4 -wood screws length based on whether you’ve chosen wood or nylon

wood glue

4 -1/4 x 20 washers

4 rubber feet

1 drill

¼ inch drill bit

1 inch drill bit

1-1/4 drill bit




You can make this press as big as you like but I like to press multiple cheeses at once so I made mine big enough to press 4 kadova baby Gouda molds.


Clamp boards together squarely and drill four ¼ inch holes about 2 inches from each of the corners drilling all the way through the boards.


Lay the 1 inch drill near the wood or nylon and wrap a piece of masking tape on t so that the depth of cut with only reach half way through the second board.


Take board using the pilot holes as your guide drill 4, 1 inch holes to the depth of the tape.


On just one board expand holes to 1-1/4 inch completely through.


Drill small pilot holes into the dowels just smaller than your wood screws.


Sand all the wood smooth or clean up the nylon if needed.


Your parts should now look like this:










Dry fit the dowels into the board that is half drilled through. Place a washer on the screw, place the rubber foot on the screw, slid the screw through the board and thread into the dowel. If everything fits tightly disassemble and add a drop of glue or silicone if using nylon around the dowel hole and glue on the screw hole and tighten. Place a small can or something on the top of the board between the dowels.


Slide the board with the 4 holes cut through over the dowels. Loosen them if you need to in order to get a good fit. Once the board is in place tighten the screws and allow the glue to dry over night before proceeding.











You can now finish the wood if you have used wood and you ready to press some cheese! Put your cheese mold where the bean can was and weights of any type on the top.



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