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Beer Brewing


Basic Brewing

Basic Brewing                                

Basic Brewing Ingredients                                    

The Hydrometer                            


Brewing your First Extract Brew     

Extract with Steeped Grains                 

Brewing Your First All-Grain Beer

Bottling Your Beer (Racking)


Brewing Downloads - Everything from the Brewing pages in PDF format


Brewing Quick Reference Charts




Yeast Statistics

Chart for 2.5 gallon Batches

Excel Spreadsheet Brewing Log



Deejays Brew



Deejay’s Very Basic Brewers Guide

Deejay’s Hops Arbor


Brewing Links

Adventures in Home Brewing                       Forums

Alternative Beverage                                    The Brew Board     

Beverage Factory                                          Home Brew Talk

Brew Buddies                                                 

The Brew Hut                                                  MR Beer Forums

Defalco's                                                                BeerMug

The Grape and Grainery                               Mr. Beer Brewing Club

Hearts Home Brew                                

Home Brew Heaven                             

Hop Tech



Mr. Beer (US)

Mr. Beer (UK)

North Country Malt Supply

Quality Wine and Ale Supply

Seven Bridges Co-op - Organic


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Canning and Freezing


Basic Information

Canning and Freezing

Yields, Times and Processes


Canning Fruit

Canning Apricots

Canning Solid Berries

Canning Cherries



Jams Jellies, Butters and Syrup

Canning AppleButter

Canning Apricot Jam

Canning Blueberry Jam



Charts at Sea level                                                        

Canning and Processing Fruit                                      

Canning Vegetables                                                    

Canning Peaches                                                 

Canning Plums

Canning Raspberry Jam

Grape Jelly From Juice

Canning Peach Jam

Canning Pears

Canning Pear Jam

Canning Stewed Tomatoes


Charts For Higher Altitudes           

Canning Crushed Tomatoes Canning Strawberry Jam

Canning and Processing Fruit                                                              

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Canning Vegetables                    

Canning Berry Pancake Syrup


Canning Vegetables

Canning Beets

Canning Carrots

Canning Sweet Corn

Canning Green Beans & Bacon  



Soups and Sauces                                                        

Canning Pea Soup                                               

Chicken Vegetable Soup                    

Vegetable Beef Soup                                                  

Canning Spaghetti Sauce   

Canning Summer Squash     

Canning Okra

Eggplant Caviar



Dips and Pate’s

Artichoke Salsa Dip

Deejay’s Black Olive Pate’

Fiesta Salsa


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Making Cheese


Getting Started

Making Cheese Simple Mozzarella and Ricotta

Cheese Ingredients

Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Families

Junket Rennet Tablets

Water Glasses Cheese Press

Homemade Cheese Press

Neufchatel Cheese                     



Mesophilic Soft Cheeses (middle temperature cheeses)

American Cheese

Cottage Cheese Recipe

Cream Cheese Recipe..

Easy Cream Cheese

Edam Cheese

Feta Cheese Recipe

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese


Thermophilic Cheeses (Heat Loving cheeses)


Soft Cheeses

Feta Cheese


Hard Cheeses

Cheddar Cheese- Stirred Curd

Parmesan Recipe

Romano Recipe

Queso Fresco Recipe

Asiago Cheese




Mesophilic Starter Culture

Thermophilic Starter Culture 


Lactic Starter Cheeses

Sour Cream

Bel Paese Cheese


Basic Hard Cheeses

Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

Basic Hard Cheese

Cheddar Cheese Recipe..

Cheddar Cheese- Stirred Curd



Very Basic Cheeses                      

Lemon Cheese

Juban (Lebanese soft cheese)

Queso Blanco Recipe

Vinegar Cheese


Cheese Links



The Dairy Connection

Cheese Supply


Fias Co Farm



New England Cheesemaking (Ricki Carroll’a Site)

Pacific NW Cheese Making Supply


Cheese Making Links

Ricki Carrolls site

Jack Schmidling's Cheese Site

Cheese Making

Cheesemaking 101



Home Cheese Making – by By Ricki Carroll - 279 pages! A great book!

The Cheese Makers Manual – by Margarert Morris

Italian Cheese - by Piero Sardo, Gigi Piumatti and Angelo Surrusca

American Farmstead Cheese - Paul Kindstedt



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Dehydrating Food


Dehydrating Basics

Dehydrating Food                                                             



Fun Foods

Fruit Leathers

Drying Bananas

Making Yogurt

Mango Leather

Mixed Vegetable Leather

Yogurt Drops

Sun Dried Tomatoes


Camp/Trail Foods

Smoked Sun Dried Tomatoes

Baked Beans

Taco Flavored Corn Chips


Spaghetti Sauce

Tomato Leather



Celery Powder

Fruit Powders

Garlic Powder

Jalapeńo Powder

Onion Powder



Drying Fruits Vegetables


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks




Dehydrating Food Downloads - Everything from the Dehydrating Food pages in PDF format


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Herbs and Spices


Getting Started

Here and Spice page                   



Cooking Substitutions

Baking Substitutions


More Advanced Blends

Deejay’s Spice Blend Collection

Deejay’s Book of Rubs


Herb and Spice Downloads page



Herb and Spice Links

A1 Spice World                             

American Spice                            

Bulk Foods                                     

Con Yeager Spice                        

Frisco Brand Spice         

Penzey's Spices

San Francisco Herb Company

Spice Barn

Zach's Spices


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Basic Pickling and Packing                             


Basic Pickling and Packing  

Pickled Vegetable Brine



Mustard Pickles                             

Carrot Relish

Cabbage and Pepper Relish

Spicy Cabbage & Pepper Relish 

Cucumber Relish

Dill Pickle Relish                                                     

Tomato Relish (Italian Salsa)         


Pickled Cucumbers

Quick Sweet Pickles

Bread-And-Butter Pickles

Quick Sour Pickles

Garlic Dills By the Jar (Quart)

Quick Fresh-Pack Dill Pickles


Other Pickled Fruits and Veggies


Carrots & Dill

Corn Relish

Green Tomatoes

Pickled Green Grape Tomatoes

Kimchi (Korean Cabbage)

Italian Mushrooms

Kosher Dill Okra Pickles

Hot Dilled Okra

Peach or Pear

Watermelon Rind

B & B Zucchini

Sliced Dill Zucchini Pickles


Reduced Sodium Pickles

Reduced-Sodium Dill Pickles

Reduced-Sodium Sweet Pickles


All Kinds of Good Stuff

Deejays Book of Condiments      

Sweet Pickled Veggies With Ginger



Pickling Downloads - Everything from the Pickling pages in PDF format



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Making Sausages


Getting Started

Making Sausage           

About Sausage – to cure or not to cure?

Measurements and Equivalents  

Curing and Fermenting Agents   


Tables and Charts

Sausage Tubes and Casing Sizes

Sausage Grinder Plates Sizes and Uses

Chart of Curing & Fermenting

Starter Cultures



Sicilian-Style Sausage

Deejay’s Pepperoni

Sheboygan Style Bratwurst

Deejay’s Capricolla Ham

Deejay’s Fresh Hot Italian Sausage


Lunchmeat – yes lunchmeat really is a sausage!

Deejay’s Deli Style Smoked Turkey

Deejay’s Capricolla Ham  

Deejay’s Pickle, Pimento, Olive and Cheese Loaf

Deejay’s Liverwurst  


Fermented Lunchmeats – recipes

Deejay's Fermented Tuscan Salami

Deejay's Fermented Hard Salami

Deejay’s Fermented Pepperoni




Deejay's Sausage eBook - 150 - 3x5 recipe cards!



Sausage Downloads page  in PDF format



Sausage Links



Ask The Meatman                                        

Allied Kenco  

Butcher & Packer –Great supplier only one for Fermenting supplies!                       

Con Yeager   - High temp cheeses and lots of great Spices!                            

Curley's Sausage Kitchen – mixes and other supplies

Eldons Jerky and  Sausage  Supply     

Frisco Spice   

The Ingredient Store – some hard to get stuff but very slow to ship!

Leeners You Can Make Kit  

Mid-Western Research

One Stop Jerky Shop

The Sausage Maker


Sausage Source – My personal favorite for almost everything sausage!

Zach's Spice





Sausage Making Sites

3 Men With Nothing Better To Do

All About Sausage

Harvey's Sausage Faktory

Jack Schmidling's Sausage Site

Pac-Bell - Len Poli

Northwest Smoking

Sausage Mania

Wedliny Domowe

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Smoking Meat


Smoking Meat Pages – full web pages with descriptions and  illustrations


Getting Started

Basic Smoke                                                      

Types of Smokers                          

Let’s Make Fire                                                       

What Wood Do I Use?                                                     



About Curing, Brining and Fermenting


Curing and Fermenting Agents         Chart of Curing & Fermenting



Simple Smoking Procedures


Chicken                  Turkey



ABTs (Atomic Buffalo Turds)


Pulled Pork



More Advanced procedures – Web pages with photos

Chicken Livers (Bacon Wrapped)



Pork Belly Bacon

Canadian Bacon

Smoking Hams

Deejay’s Melt in your Mouth Brisket Burnt Ends

Buckboard Bacon Tutorial

Jerky or Bacon made From Ground Meat



Baked Goods


Fatty, Apple and Cheese Tarts

Fatty, Apple and Cheese Biscuits

Deejay's Smoked Berry Cobbler

Deejay’s Smoked Peach Cobbler





Measurements and Equivalents

Substitutes For Cooking and Baking Ingredients

Herb Spice Substitutions




Smoking Downloads Pages

The Basic Smoking Book                        Time-Temperature Chart

Book of Brining                                  Smoking Wood Flavor Chart

BBQ Sauce Book                               Deejays Smoke Log

Deejay’s  Book Of Condiments             

Deejay’s Book of Jerky Recipes            

Book of Marinades  

DJs Book of Rubs               


Cold Smoking in the Summertime with a Propane Smoker



Smoker Reviews

the Brinkmann All-In-One Review

Camp Chef Smoke Vault Review

Calibrating the Smoke Vault Thermometer

My Horizontal Smoker-Grill Modifications

CharGriller Smokin’ Pro Modifications – by HawgHeaven



Lunchmeat – recipes

Deejay’s NY Deli Style Pastrami

Deejay’s Deli Style Smoked Turkey

Deejay’s Capricolla Ham     

Deejay’s Pickle, Pimento, Olive and Cheese Loaf

Deejay’s Liverwurst       

Deejay’s Turkey Pastrami – this one’s for Ron       

Deejay’s Italian Style Bacon From Pork Tender Loins


Fermented Lunchmeats – recipes

Deejays Fermented Tuscan Salami

Deejays Fermented Hard Salami



Deejay’s 4 x 6 Recipe Cards

Smoking Briskets       

DeeJay’s Smoked Duck l’Orange                   

Deejay’s Smoked Lox                  

Smoking Ribs                                

Smoking Pulled Pork and Pork Shoulders

Smoking Pork Belly Bacon           

Smoking Country Hams



Smoking Meatloaf                       

Making Buckboard Bacon

Deejay’s Smoked Corned Beef Hash

Deejay’s Boston Baked Beans

Deejays Smoked Lox




Smoked Banana Sundae with Chopped Pistachios and Raspberry Sauce

Hot and Spicy Crisp-X Mix - Like Chex Mix but smoked and using Crisp-X Cereal!

Hot & Spicy Smoked Nuts – A real crowd pleaser!

Glazed Spiced  Smoked Nuts

Hot & Spicy Cajun Nut Mix




Deejays Smoke Pit Recipe Hall of Fame


Cheech’s Jamaican Jerked Chicken            

Cajunsmoker’s Stuffed Zucchini

Chefloydb’s Rum Mop for Chicken or Ribs

CajunSmoker’s Rub

Chefloydb’s Russian Dressing                                       


Dacdot’s Country Style Bacon                    

Dacdot’s Home Smoked Ham

Deejay’s Smoked Pork Lumpia   

Deejays Stuffed Red or Green Peppers          

Dionysus’s Pulled Pork Rub

Dutch’s Smoked Shredded Beef Enchiladas       

Dutch’s Smoked Wicked Baked Beans

Dutch’s Smoked Pork Loin Mahogany Sauce


Gunslinger’s Nacho Chips                               

Gunslinger’s Breakfast Burritos

Gypc’s Italian Sandwiches   


Jeff’s Finishing Sauce For Pulled Pork           

Joe’s Bacon Without Nitrates                      

Johno’s Pumpkin Soup


Meowey’s Mac N Cheese                              

Meowey’s Magic Meatloaf

Meowey’s Pulled Pork Rub                              


RevT’s Babes Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes

Richoso's New Mexico Signature Green Chile Stew

Rocky Point Clam Chowder and Clam Cakes

Ruth’s Pasta Salad             


Sickpuppy’s Smoked Peach Cobbler             

SoFlaQuers Chili Verde

Smoked's Buckboard Bacon                            

Smoked’s Rub

Steve's Carolina Mustard Sauce


T-Bone Tim’s Sticky Apple Ribs                         

Tommy’s World Class Chili

Tonto’s Spicy Apple BBQ Sauce


Up in Smoke’s Smoked Szechwan Pork



Smoking Links




Championship BBQ TV


Smoking Woods

Alabama Smoke Wood – Good prices and very nice people!

BBQ – Good slection but High shipping rates!

Guava Wood Farms –Guava and Kiawie (a Hawaiian mesquite) reasonable shipping!

Hawgeyes – Nice people - Good shipping rates!

SmokinlicIous Woods – my personal favorite! Don’t forget to try the Smokin’ Dust!

Natures Own


Smoker Parts

Needle Valves

Brinkman Parts

Webber Bullet






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