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Making Home Made Soda Pop – Step by step procedure and references.



Extract Soda Pop Recipes


Basic Soda Pop Syrup -  Use this recipe to mix with any flavored soda extract to make quick easy soda pop.



Cherry-Cola Soda Pop – An Old fashioned flavor from the corner drug store.


Black Raspberry Soda Pop – Combination of Cherry and Raspberry.


Birch-Cream Soda Pop – Combination od Birch beer and Cream Soda pop.


Root Beer-Vanilla Soda Pop – Root beer with a hint of vanilla.


Watermelon-Kiwi Soda Pop – As the name implies light and refreshing





Italian Style Soda Pops

Growing up all the soda pops produced by my Italian family had cream or milk added to them in the glass. Rather than adding milk after the fact I have used Cream Soda extracts and vanilla bean to give it that creamy flavor. They are very flavorful on their own but also make great mixers with Vodka, Rum, or Brandy.


Key Lime Soda Pop – This recipe that uses Torani flavored Syrups. They are outstanding in the kitchen!


Vanilla Cream Soda Pop – Great Combination of Cream soda with a nice vanilla finish. Great Mixer!


Orange Creamsicle Soda Pop – Remember the Creamsicle ice-cream bar? Great Mixer!


Strawberry Creamsicle Soda Pop – Strawberry flavor with a creamy vanilla finish. Great Mixer!


Raspberry Creamsicle Soda Pop – Raspberry flavor with a creamy vanilla finish.


Root Beer Creamsicle Soda Pop – Really creamy Root Beer with a vanilla finish.



Soda Pop Recipes from Real Natural Ingredients

NOTE: Ginger Ale and Root Beer both contain a tiny bit of alcohol. The amount it contains will depend on how long it ferments. Placing the soda pop in the refrigerator will stop the fermentation process and production of alcohol.



Real Home Made Ginger Ale – This recipe used real ginger root and vanilla bean.


Real Home Made Root Beer –alcohol the amounts will vary depending on the length of time the liquid is fermented anywhere from 1.5% up to a whopping 10%.



Want a healthier alternative to soda pop?

 Green Tea Soft Drink - Try my Green Tea Soft drink. Just a bit of fizz and  less sugar! My take on a commercially available Iced Tea soft drink in a bottle  yet slightly carbonated. You control the sugar and the added flavoring. This drink adds antioxidants to your diet and fewer calories!


Kegging Beer and Soda – Kegging is so much simpler than bottling! Here’s what you need and how to do it!


More to come ….


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