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If you like to Q you probably like to experiment with different blends of herbs spices. I know I do!


The types of herbs and spices used for a recipe are based on the country of origin, the region and the ethnicity of the creator. We all grew up with recipes Mom made every day and never thought much about how she chose which spices were used - they were just there! She probably learned from her Mom and she from hers and so on. Her range of herbs and spices were probably limited through family usage, but today we have access to a wide range of herbs, spices and flavors from cultures throughout the world. Almost ever town has a variety of cultures and ethnic restaurants to choose from.


Have you ever wondered what blends of herbs and spices are common to those cultures? I have. Iíve been collecting and experimenting with herbs and spices from the time I was about 12 years old and I have compiled quiet a few spice blends that I use regularly or have used over the years. My spice racks and cabinets take over more than 1/4 of my kitchen storage space (which is not very large anyway).


I compiled database of 70Ethnic, Regional, and International herb and spice blends and typed them on 4 x 6 index cards and converted it to PDF format for you to download and enjoy. You will find it on the Herb and Spice Downloads page. Enjoy!


Also for more information about rubs download Deejayís Book of Rubs from the Herbs and Spice Downloads page.


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